Plan, Share, Collaborate, Control
Plan, Share, Collaborate, Control
Innovative information management and operational planning solutions

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Iventis create innovative solutions for managing complex operations


Innovative, modern and customisable technology solutions which make planning and managing complex and large scale operations easier and more efficient.

Geospatial & Analytics

Experts in creating new opportunities by connecting data, and turning complex geospatial information, modelling and analysis into valuable assets.


A wide range of consultancy services alongside, or independent of, the platform from software development to GIS, analytics and modelling.

Major Events

Wide ranging experience in the major events industry, which are some of the most complex operations to manage.


Modern and Innovative Information Management and Planning Applications.

The Iventis platform is designed for a large number of users to collaboratively plan complex operations, such as major events.

It enables efficient planning, time saving, reduces errors, inconsistencies and duplication of work.

A series of customisable applications are available based around an integrated API, allowing for expansion.


Create new opportunities by bringing information together.

The platform brings key information together in one place.

As well as making sure everyone has access to the latest information, this opens up new opportunities for analytics and insight by connecting usually isolated datasets.

Turn complex spatial and time based information into a valuable asset.

The platform makes it easy to plan geographically at different scales, while simultaneously adjusting plans for different days/times.

This allows users to quickly view and understand an entire operation in a highly intuitive, easy to understand and visual way.



Iventis provide a range of services alongside, or independently of, the platform.

Custom Applications

Iventis customise it's own applications, or develop new ones.


Experts in traditional and cutting edge GIS systems.


Branded and styled web based or printed maps.


Undertake complex analysis and present clear and simple results.


Crowd and transport modelling.

Data Visualisation/Dashboards

Turn complex data into easily understandable outputs. Experts in D3.

Advanced MS Office

Experts in VBA, Excel, Access.


Iventis have provided a range of services from strategy development to project management.


Iventis' platform and services were built for major events but can be applied to a range of industries

Major Events

Major Events

Major events involve planning across multiple locations, with thousands of people and multiple stakeholders.

Such as Olympic and Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Cups, Expos, Festivals etc.



Transport / logistics planning, analytics and operations.

Custom solutions can be developed to present complex modelling outputs through easy to understand, visual tools.

City Ops

City Operations

Iventis' advanced geospatial planning applications can help manage cities.

The applications enable complex planning from a city wide scale down to the smallest detail, in a single integrated system.


Operational Management

Managing complex facilities / operations

Iventis can be used to manage a range of assets, such as theme parks, museums or public spaces.


Selected Project Experience

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup
Qatar 2022
Transport for Edinburgh
Baku 2015 1st European Games
Baku 2015
London 2012 Olympics & Paralympics
London 2012


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