Managing Exhibitor Plots and Sales using Iventis at The Game Fair

While Iventis was designed for event organisers to develop complex operational plans, the flexibility offered by the platform means we are often exploring a wide range of use-cases with our users. Organisers of the recent ‘Game Fair’ used the system to help manage and coordinate their commercial operation in terms of the sales and management of exhibitor pitches.

In this article, we explore this use case and why The Game Fair chose Iventis in partnership with their event site designer, 'Event Site Design' (ESD).

The Game Fair
The Game Fair is a festival of the countryside, attracting 120,000 visitors.

About the Game Fair

The Game Fair is an annual countryside event showcasing country pursuits and all things outdoors. The historic event, which has taken place since 1958, is held at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire and attracts over 650 exhibitors and 120,000 visitors across three days in July.


Organisers needed a solution to help plot exhibitors and visualise locations and sizes collaboratively.

The process of selling and allocating exhibitor plots across the extensive site begins almost a year before the event. Traditionally, the sale and attribution of exhibitor plots at The Game Fair would be managed through a large print out of CAD drawings on the wall of the organising team’s office. As sales representatives assigned the plots, they would be marked off manually. Periodically, the exhibitors in each plot would be captured on the CAD plan. Due to the work from home restrictions associated with the COVID pandemic, the old process which was labour intensive and left the opportunity for errors, was rendered impossible. Organisers needed a solution to help plot exhibitors and visualise locations and sizes collaboratively from their home sales calls.


The Game Fair
The Iventis platform was used to manage plots for the 650 exhibitors on site.

The Game Fair chose the Iventis platform to help develop its plans collaboratively. Designed with flexibility in mind, the platform can be used for almost every aspect of event planning from transport management to workforce planning. By using Iventis, the team would be able to see what pitches were available, hold them when in discussion with potential exhibitors and visualise the locations, sizes and context in sales calls.


The Game Fair’s partner Event Site Design (ESD) led the layout and overall design of the event, providing a mixture of CAD design and consultancy work. Iventis made the CADs that were developed by ESD available online, so organisers could visualise infrastructure and layout ideas on top.

The Iventis solution was described as a “godsend” by organisers during lockdown as the team couldn’t collaborate in person.

The online system soon became an essential tool for the sales team to track the status of each pitch and illustrate the size, location and context visually online. The platform also assisted the sales process allowing clear communication with exhibitors and prospects. Once the plan was on the Iventis platform, the organising team created and overlaid new layers of information, provided comments and communicated with other stakeholders online. This reduced the amount of CAD work required, which would in the past have been kept up-to-date (as much as possible) with the occupants of each plot.

The Iventis solution was described as a “godsend” by organisers during lockdown as the team couldn’t collaborate in person.

The Game Fair
Organisers plan to use Iventis to support future editions, and other events.

Future plans

The Game Fair has renewed its partnership with Iventis following the success of the 2021 edition of the event. Additionally, organisers plan to roll the system out to other events in its portfolio including the inaugural edition of Game Fair Christmas, a brand new event taking place from 18-20 November 2021.


“Iventis has helped us transform the way we use and update the plan for the better and made the whole process internally a lot smoother. The plan can be instantly updated and adapted in real time."

Catherine Bishop, Operations Manager, The Game Fair

“Iventis helped us to provide a solution led, end to end service for organisers of The Game Fair from CAD drawings and live operational planning to a visual sales tool that helped mark out the site on the ground.”

Rupert Bassadone, Founder, Event Site Design

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