Meet Our Interns

For the past four years, Iventis has committed to hiring paid interns over the Summer. Our interns are often recent graduates or undergraduates looking for experience within software development or events.

Iventis 2021 Interns

Our interns are always working on interesting projects, often in innovative areas which the team don’t have time to explore.

This year Iventis has hired more interns than ever with three joining our team from our local University, where Iventis is based, and further afield. They are working on a range of interesting themes from exploring the use of our software in different types of events, through to how we could apply video gaming technology to operational planning.

Here’s a quick introduction to Oli, Matthew and Erin.

Intern, Oli


Computer Science Graduate 2021, Cambridge University

I was interested in working with Iventis to gain software engineering experience and to see how my academic work could be applied to a real-world product.

Oli has just graduated from Cambridge University where he studied computer science. His final year project involved developing a crowd simulation in a web browser.

Crowd simulations are incredibly useful tools for event organisers, who need to ensure their planning can safely accommodate expected numbers, plan for emergencies and provide the best possible visitor experience.

Crowd Simulation
Oli is building on his university project exploring crowd simulations in a web browser.

However, most crowd modelling software is expensive, highly technical and time consuming to use (see our post on crowd modelling and visualisation).

Building on his university project, Oli is experimenting with simple crowd simulations running in a web browser. This makes the powerful technology more accessible and available to those who need it.

Intern, Erin


Event Management Graduate 2021, Lincoln University

Erin has graduated with an Event Management degree from the University of Lincoln. During her studies, she staged a successful live event and used spreadsheets and documents to help manage the project. She had to take everything she learnt on the course into practice, with no venue or budget.

Lincolnshire Show
Erin will be exploring use cases of Iventis in different types of events.

Erin joins our product and customer team and will be investigating use cases for Iventis in different types of events.

She’ll also be working with our customers to help support them and feed into our product development.

Intern, Matthew


Computer Science Graduate 2021, Lincoln University

Matthew is also a Lincoln University graduate, who studied computer science and specialised in video game development.

He will be experimenting with the latest developments in gaming engine technology and how this could be applied to operational planning.

Gaming engines, such as Unreal engine, are used by game developers to power games such as the popular ‘Fortnite’. In recent years, they’ve been adopted in AEC sectors to provide interactive visualisations – such as in architecture and engineering.

Unreal Engine
Matthew will be exploring the possibilities of gaming engine technology.

Matthew will explore the latest developments where such engines meet ‘mapping’ software such as cesium. It has the potential to create detailed, immersive experiences similar to video games.

We’ll share more about the pros and cons of this technology as he progresses.

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