Which Industries Can Use Iventis?

Iventis was created to make planning large-scale events easier for organisers, but the flexibility of our software means it has been put to great use outside of the events industry.

Other Industries

We work with teams from a wide variety of sectors looking to improve the management and efficiency of their operational planning. From planning the layout and opening of major tourist attractions to streamlining transport services, there are plenty of ways that our software can be used to keep operations clear and simple across different sectors.

In this article, we highlight some of the key industries that Iventis can be used in and how the software can be utilised effectively.

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Which industries can use Iventis (click to open).

Tourism & Leisure

Theme Park
Iventis is well suited to planning tourist attractions.

Major tourist attractions and leisure facilities require effective, coordinated operational planning to deliver the best possible visitor experience. Commercial operators need to maximise revenue opportunities, while minimising costs and complying with licensing and safety regulations.

Iventis has a number of use cases in this sector, including:

  • Providing a collaborative platform for all those involved in designing brand new tourism and leisure destinations.
  • Planning of proposed changes, such as expansions or increases in capacities. Supporting planning or licensing applications.
  • Optimising sites and finding efficiency savings.
  • Training staff.
  • Scenario/contingency planning.
  • Planning for special events.
  • Developing an integrated visitor experieence.

Visual planning software will help you plan a range of operational details which could include:

  • Transportation and traffic management around (or inside) a facility
  • Staffing plans and deployment
  • Allocation and design of spaces
  • Planning the location of assets, facilities and concessions
  • Visualising changes or scenarios
  • Calculating capacities, queuing areas etc.

Iventis works seamlessly with CAD software, and with a detailed CAD drawing, our product gives you the means to plan everything down to the smallest detail.

An example, visitor safety is a key concern for operational managers. Popular attractions can bring in a huge amount of visitors, and it’s important to manage crowds effectively. This is essential for licensing, such as planned increases in capacity.

Using our spatial analysis and planning features, you can plan and manage queueing systems and spaces.

You can also accurately determine how many visitors can comfortably occupy a space, allowing you to reduce the risk of overcrowding. For greater detail, virtual crowds can be viewed in 3D, so you can get a clear visual of how much space is available when near capacity.

One of the greatest advantages of Iventis is it encourages integrated planning, ensuring visitoruser journeys are seamless across spaces. This can be a challenge with different teams or departments responsible for different areas or services. With everyone having access to the entire plan, a more integrated approach is possible.

Transport & Logistics

Theme Park
Iventis has a range of features useful for transport and logistics planning.

Transport & logistics often requires developing operational plans covering wide areas, as well as meticulous and detailed planning in critical locations. It also requires collaboration and information sharing with a wide range of stakeholders. Iventis allows anyone to automatically produce and visualise routes which can be used for a range of purposes such as:

  • Logistics distribution
  • Bus Services
  • Directions/navigation
  • Contingency planning
  • Diversions and temporary traffic management
  • Pedestrian and cycling routes

Users can work with each other to develop plans which come together seamlessly. Stakeholders can provide input, such as the location of closures and traffic management, while route planners can work around them. This allows plans to be developed quickly with fewer mistakes and reworking.

Iventis can also be used for other fleet management purposes. Vehicle storage and staging areas need to be meticulously mapped out to maximise space and ensure the safe operating of such environments, particularly where pedestrian and vehicle interactions are common.

Scaled replicas of your vehicles can be added to the Iventis software alongside detailed maps of your depots or parking areas . This means you can plan how to use all the space available in the most effective way.

Wayfinding and signage schemes are an important part of vehicle and pedestrian movement. Iventis can be used to plan the locations and content of venue or citywide wayfinding schemes. Scheme designers can work directly with stakeholders and suppliers to manage the process from initial scoping through to installation.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management
Iventis seemlessly combines mapping and CAD data, enabling the management of facilities across locations.

Keeping the built environment safe, clean and compliant requires the coordination of interdisciplinary teams across a broad spectrum of services. The data used to manage these services is often disjointed, stored in legacy systems or paper documents. Location is the unifier for all of this data, making digital maps the perfect way to plan, collaborate and manage operations.

Iventis can be used to plan where and when to deploy workforce such as security, cleaning and maintenance staff by using a simple dot plan. Data associated with each “dot” can be collected to provide valuable insights about costs, scheduling and profile.. Visualising plans makes it easier for venue owners to track services, validate that work has been completed and close the audit loop.

Managing space allocation can be done using the Iventis’ spatial analysis tools while furniture and other physical assets can be visualised using 3d models. The plans can be easily kept up to date and shared with operators so everyone has the latest information they need to support their function.

For example, cleaning plans can be drawn so that operatives take the most efficient route through the venue ensuring that they don’t miss SLAs. Large scale maintenance such as window cleaning plans can be mapped and shared with venue managers for transparency and compliance. Critical infrastructure can be mapped and associated with preventative maintenance plans to ensure business continuity. Comments, photographs and tags can be added to the map to discuss exceptions and plan remedial measures.

Local Authorities

Geographic Information Systems play a key role in decision making at all levels of government. The collection and geographic attribution of data impacts everything from postcodes, tax, land use planning and even the outcome of elections. Despite this, access to GIS resources across government is inconsistent. One of barriers to adoption is the technical complexity of GIS tools, by non data professionals. This leads to fragmentation. Planners step away from GIS and look for quicker,easier ways to draw up plans.

Whether you’re planning a local sports events, markets, parking facilities and road closures for infrastructure works, Iventis can put the power of GIS in the hands of operators and project managers. This unburdens GIS analysts to focus on complex analysis and system maintenance, whilst also generating new data that can be fed into the authorities database for future reference.

Iventis’ export functions enable users to generate PDF outputs in a few clicks that can be added to documents for communication and approval purposes. The comments functions let stakeholders feedback on plans and upload images in a centralised way.

Iventis’s permissions structure reassures data managers that the authoritie’s data resources aren’t at risk of being modified without permission whilst simultaneously giving broader access to information across the organisation.

Local facilities and operations can also be planned. For example, one of our users designed and visualised the plan for a COVID-19 Vaccination Centre which has been published as part of guidance for the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC), the International Convention and Congress Association (ICCA) and the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).

Facilities Management
Iventis has recently been used to inform operational planning of COVID-19 vaccination centres. Image courtesy of Alan Wilson

Can Your Industry Make Use of Iventis?

Iventis has come a long way from being software just for major events planning. Due to its flexibility, there are a great number of industries who are now using Iventis, and we’re always evolving our product to cover wider uses.

While we have come up with a list of industries who could benefit from our software, it’s by no means exhaustive. However, we understand the best way for any sector to determine whether Iventis is right for their needs is through trying it out.

We offer a free demonstration to all interested parties, so make sure to request your demo to experience Iventis for yourself.

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